GLG Investments, LLC began operating in 2009 as a group of registered corporations operating under Florida State Laws. GLG surged in response to business opportunities that emerged from bank foreclosures generated by the 2006 real estate crisis.  
GLG operates a series of Private Real Estate Investment Portfolios dedicated to buying, selling and leasing residential properties in South Florida. 
Our mission is to convert our investors’ surplus liquidity into an attractive annual rent, where their capital is guaranteed by a real estate property. 
During these 10 years of operations, our portfolio has maintained an average yield rate of 8%.

South Florida’s real estate market has evolved satisfactorily since 2009, leading us to the design of a financial instrument that responded to the following expectations:
• Investors with excess liquidity in search of high yields and real guarantees. 
• A sustained and extended increase in the value of South Florida real estate. 
• Growing housing demand for families who lost their homes due to the 2006 real estate crisis. 
• Opportunity to buy real estate properties stemming from banking foreclosures.