Our Real Estate Rent Portfolios are comprised of capital pools that are used to invest in properties that will then be rented, which means they are not currently being built or in the pre-sale phase. These Portfolios, designed for conservative investors, are an alternative for direct real estate investments since they generate secure yields with a lower outlay of money.
GLG is responsible for the portfolio’s operation and administration, liberating investors from the problems associated with the upkeep of a rented property, especially since the majority of our investors reside abroad.

· Each $200,000 investment is guaranteed by a real estate property.
· The investment generates a per annum rate of between 5% and 7%.

· A Notarized Promissory Note and an Investment Agreement (contract) guarantee each investment. 

· Interest payments will begin as soon as the investment is received.

· Once the Mortgage and Note are recorded by the County Clerk (Between 60-90 days) the Investor will return the Promissory Note back to GLG and receive the original copy of the Mortgage Deed and Note.
· Each investment will mature in a maximum of 3-5 years.

· The investor may renew his participation once it becomes due, and it will continue to be guaranteed by the same property or a similar one; this decision will be made by the administrators of the portfolio or have the capital returned to the investor.

This yield is similar to that obtained at the stock market but without the risk associated to that sector.